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Classification Society "The Shipping Register of Ukraine" is a state enterprise in the field of sea and river transport, basic activities of which are connected with ensuring of shipping safety. Head Office of the Shipping Register of Ukraine is situated in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The Shipping Register of Ukraine has developed and keeps updated the own standard technical documentation, has wide branching network, highly qualified surveyors, develops cooperation with classification societies and other organizations of Ukraine and international maritime society in order to ensure safety of shipping.

The internal Quality Management System certified on accordance to the requirements of the ISO 9001 and accreditation of the company as a inspection body on compliance with requirements of the EN ISO/IEC 17020 are the guaranty of stability of services provided by the Shipping Register of Ukraine.

Main activities
  • agreement of technical and design documentation, technical surveys on ships under construction, alteration, modernization as well as repair of ships, ship machinery, equipment, devices, refrigerators, containers, manufacturing of items and materials for ship outfit etc. with issuing proper certificates.
  • technical survey over the ships in operation by means of conducting periodical and occasional survey and issuing seaworthiness certificates;
  • technical survey on ecological safety of ships;
  • conducting statutory certification of ships on behalf of Maritime Administrations;
  • technical supervision over other objects and process of industry and transport on behalf of Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine.
  • registering of supervised ships and recording Register Book;
  • agreement of design of standards, directive documents, technical conditions and other regulatory documents as concern shipbuilding, shiprepair and technical operation of fleet;
  • examination of technical condition of ships and other objects of supervision in accordance with regulatory documentation;
  • certification of quality (management) systems in national system of certification UkrSEPRO, Register Certification System and in international certification system SIC (System of Independent Certification);
  • technical supervision under navigable hydrotechnical structures and hydrotechnical structures of ports, shipbuilding and shiprepair yards during their design, construction and operation irrespective of form of ownership;
  • technical survey on sounding works.
In accordance with item 6 of Regulation on Shipping Register of Ukraine, approved by Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated on 08.06.1998 No 814, one of the main tasks of the Shipping Register of Ukraine is development and improvement of the rules and technical requirements concerning ensuring safety of shipping, protection of life and health of passengers and crew, safety of cargoes, ecological safety of ships etc.

Besides rules and technical requirements the Shipping Register of Ukraine issues other regulatory documents – guidelines, informational and expository materials as concern technical survey, tonnage measurement and record of ships, conformity of products, processes, services, systems. personnel (as accredited body in accordance with the established by law procedure) etc.

In accordance with explanation of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine dated on 22.03.2002 No 35-30-665, certificates issued by the Shipping Register of Ukraine within the scope of competence may be apply without state registration.