The Shipping Register of Ukraine


List of the documents to be provided to prepare draft agreement

For preparing Agreement or Contract the customer is invited to provide the Shipping Register of Ukraine (Head Office or Regional Representative Office) with the Application Letter (prepared in any form) and the following documents:
  • Copy of Company’s state registration certificate
  • Copy of certificate issued by State Statistical Office (only for Ukraine resident companies)
  • Copies of first two and last two pages of statutory documents (memorandum of association etc.)
  • Address and bank details
  • Copy of the document to prove authority to sign (where the Agreement/Contract is going to be signed by person other than CEO of the Company)
  • Information about cost of work on repair, alteration, modernization, construction of ships or verified copy of the agreement for such works. Such documents should be provided only where it is necessary to prepare draft agreement/contract for technical supervision over repair, alteration, modernization, construction of ships. The information should contain reference to the number and date of the agreement and should be signed by the Head and General Accountant of the company.
  • Other documents taking into account particularity of the services to be rendered, requirements of the applicable legislation and normative documentation of the Shipping Register of Ukraine.
For more detailed information you can apply to International and Legal Division.

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