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Kindly be informed that International Organization for Standardization ISO on 15 September 2015 adopted new versions of standards ІSО 9000:2015 and ІSО 9001:2015. According to the order of the Ukrainian National Agency of Standardization (SE «UkrSRTC») № 221 dated 31.12.2015 since July 01, 2016 the following national standards were adopted by harmonization method and issued in Ukrainian language:
  • ДСТУ ІSО 9000:2015 «Quality Management Systems. Basic Provisions and Glossary» (ІSО 9000:2015, IDT);
  • ДСТУ ІSО 9001:2015 «Quality Management Systems. Requirements» (ІSО 9001:2015, IDT).
According to the order of the Ukrainian National Agency of Standardization № 172 dated December 4, 2015 the following normative documents were canceled in Ukraine:
  • ДСТУ ІSО 9000:2007 – since July 1, 2016;
  • ДСТУ ІSО 9001:2009 – since September 15, 2018 року.
In accordance with this, all Certificates of Compliance with the requirements of the Standard ДСТУ ІSО 9001:2009 (ІSО 9001:2008, IDT) issued by SRU, regardless of the validity period, as indicated in the certificate, will become invalid since 15.09.2008.
Requests for certification of quality management systems for compliance with the standard ДСТУ ІSО 9001:2009 (ІSО 9001:2008, IDT) are being accepted by SRU till 15.06.2017.
Certificates for the new version ДСТУ ІSО 9001:2015 may be obtained during the scheduled supervisory audits or recertification during a transition period till 15.09.2018.
For that purpose management systems existing at your enterprise are to be amended according to the new requirements, whereupon application and survey questionnaire are to be tendered to the certification body. Application Forms and questionnaires are available on our website. When upgrading to a new version of the standard during scheduled supervisory audit the new certificate is issued for the validity period of current certificate.
At the same time kibdly be informed, as Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 10.05.1993 №46-93 «On Standardization and Certification» expires since 01.01.2018, state certification system will cease to exist. Therefore, renewal of certificates of compliance registered in UkrSEPRO system for enterprises, certified by SRU, will be implemented within the supervisory audits during 2017.