The Shipping Register of Ukraine


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Head Office
  • Administration
  • Development , Rules and Standards Division
    • expertise and conformation of technical documentation
    • development of rules and technical requirements of the Register
    • taking part in consideration and preparing documentation concerning cooperation of the Register with other classification societies
    • classification of water basins as for ship navigation conditions
    • taking part in Register’s supervisory activities
  • Technical Documentation Expertise Department
    • expertise and conformation of technical documentation and drafts of regulating documents
    • taking part in Register’s supervisory activities
  • Ship Technical Supervision Division
    • technical supervision over construction, modernization, repair and operation of ships and other floating facilities. Classification of supervised fleet
    • statutory certification of ships, ship equipment and outfit within the scope of the Division’s competence on behalf of Maritime Administrations
    • record of ships, maintenance of ships files, Register Book, Register of Recognition Certificates
    • PSC regarding matters
    • consolidation of information provided by foreign classification societies (FCS) authorised by the Government of Ukraine to perform statutory certification of Ukraine flagged ships
    • recording and issuing exemption certificates for supervised ships
  • Ship Registering and Technical Supervision Department
  • Statutory Certification and PSC Department
  • Safety Management System and Ship Security Department
  • Management Systems Certification Department
  • Product Certification Department
  • Quality Management Department
  • HR Department
  • Administrative Support Department
  • Hydrotechnical Constructions (HTC) Division
  • Hydrotechnical Construction Supervision Department
  • Department for HTC Standards and Documentation Expertise
  • Labour Protection Department
  • General Service Department
  • IT Department
  • Finance-Accountant Division
  • Personnel Training Center
  • International and Legal Division
  • Tariffs and Control Department
  • Department for Economical Analysis and Income Planning
  • Representative in Hungary
  • Representative in Italy