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Technical supervision over ships

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Test of validity of certificates issued by the Shipping Register of Ukraine

Search is performed providing full number of the certificate in respective format. When certificate is found the following information will be indicated: full name, date of issue, validity term, name of ship for which the certificate is issued.

Number of the document:

For example 104-2-0135-13
Для перевірки CIN необхідно перейти в розділ Ідентифікація малих суден


Technical supervision over ships
  • Technical supervision over construction, alteration, repair, operation of ships and other floating facilities. Classification of supervised fleet
  • Statutory certification of ships, ship equipment on behalf of Maritime Administrations
  • Maintaining records of fleet, ship’ files, Ships Register Book, Recognition Certificates’ Register Book for Recognition Certificates
  • Work with claims of Port State Control Authorities as for ships supervised by the Shipping Register of Ukraine
  • Compilation of information provided by classification societies authorized by the Government of Ukraine to carry on statutory certification of Ukraine flagged ships
  • Compilation and analysis of information about ship accidents and their equipment as well as PSC detentions of ships registered by the Shipping Register of Ukraine
  • Issuing and recording exemption certificates for ships
  • Development and maintenance of the Rules for classification of ships, Guidelines and other statutory documents for technical supervision over ships in operation
  • On-line inspection of fulfillment of requirements of Register’s Rules and maritime administrations during design of ships
  • Consideration of technical documentation for pilot materials, items, machinery, installations, ship equipment and life-saving equipment, taking part in tests with the subsequent decision about application of such materials and equipment