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Technical supervision over ships

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Vessel or other floating structure or craft, with hull length not more than 24 m and net loading capacity not more than 80 kg and which is not intended for: onboarding more than 12 passengers; carrying dangerous goods; using as passenger vessel, icebreaker, pusher, floating crane, vessel of technical fleet and as a ship outfit (rescue and utility boats, floats).

Small vessels under technical supervision of the Shipping Register of Ukraine shall be certificated on compliance with the requirements of Rules which ensure safety of shipping.

Taking the small vessel of foreign manufacture under technical supervision the Shipping Register of Ukraine takes into account Certificates issued by the foreign classification societies, International Marine Certification Institute, other certificates which prove compliance of the vessel with requirements for operation safety or in the absence thereof shipowner shall present documents which prove compliance with the “Rules for classification and construction of Small Vessels”.

Vessels made by domestic manufacturers shall be certificated by the Shipping Register of Ukraine. Conforming documentations issued by RU are necessary for self-built vessels, for example confirmation of agreement the vessel design with the Shipping Register of Ukraine.

Certificate is desirable but not obligatory for vessels built previously on shipbuilding yards of USSR.